Duty Free Allowance

The following articles and consumables (excluding any goods the importation of which is prohibited), declared at the place where the traveler enters Botswana and not imported on behalf of other persons or by way of trade, may be imported free of duty and where applicable VAT:

Wines  2 litres
Spirituous and other alcoholic beverages 1 litre
Cigarettes 200
Cigars 20
Cigarette or pipe tobacco 250 grams
Perfume  50 millilitres
Toilet water   250 millilitres
Other new or used goods of a total 
Value not exceeding (from outside SACU)
Other new or used goods of a total 
Value not exceeding (from SACU)   


Additional goods imported from outside SACU, new or used of a total value not exceeding R12 000.00 per person, excluding the consumable items detailed above, are admissible at a flat rate of 20%, if the owner so elects.

Travelers/tourists should note that:

i. Customs duties and/or VAT will be payable at the applicable rates where travelers import goods exceeding the above allowances. Travelers importing goods for business or commercial purpose will not qualify for the above allowances

ii. The concession for new and used goods specified above do not apply to such goods imported by residents of Botswana returning after an absence of less than 48 hours.

iii. With the exception of those relating to tobacco and alcoholic products, the concessions may be claimed by children under the age of 18 years, whether or not their parents or guardians accompany them, provided the goods are for use by the children themselves.