Licencing of Bonded Warehouse

Any person wishing to operate a Customs Bonded Warehouse is required to apply against Form CE 185 which should be accompanied by other registration documents.


Before any establishment can be licensed as a Customs Bonded Warehouse, an inspection is carried out by BURS to ensure that it is in conformity with all the necessary Customs requirements. If an establishment satisfies the Customs requirements, a licence to operate will be issued upon lodgement of a bond certificate the value of which is calculated after considering what will be potentially stored in the Customs Bonded Warehouse, the capacity of the customs Bonded Warehouse any other risk factor.


A Bonded Customs Warehouse operator should keep books of accounts, including documents relating to goods kept in the Customs Bonded Warehouse, for at least 5 years and have them easily accessible to BURS for routine inspection.


Any Customs Bonded Warehouse operator may at any given time submit a written request to BURS for de-registration. This will be granted once all outstanding customs duties and VAT liabilities have been amicably settled. The Customs Bonded Warehouse Store may be cancel if any provision under which the Bonded Customs Warehouse was given is violated.