African Growth and Opportunity Act

Botswana is a beneficiary member under African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) of the United States of America (USA).  This means that qualifying goods originating from Botswana and destined for USA States are not subjected to tariff rates restrictions into the USA market.

In order for the goods to enjoy these trade concessions, they must be processed or manufactured in Botswana as prescribed under the AGOA summarised Rules of Origin. Further details on the Rules of Origin may be viewed on the AGOA website

Prior to exportation, traders are required to register with the nearest BURS – Regional Office (Customs and Excise Division) Registration Requirements. Traders should also obtain an AGOA Certificate of Origin for textile and apparel from Exporters Association of Botswana for every export consignment. In addition, for every textile and apparel export consignment to qualify for trade concessions under AGOA, BURS must endorse original commercial invoice with a VISA Stamp. For non-textile products, traders should obtain a Generalised System of Preference Certificate of Origin, Form A, from BURS (Customs & Excise Division – Regional Office).

As a requirement by U.S.A. Customs Law, traders are expected to keep records relating to AGOA transactions for a period of 5 years and submit trade reconciliation reports to U.S. Customs.