Integrity & Internal Investigations Unit

The Integrity and Internal Investigations Office was set up in September 2009, and charged with the responsibility to promote and cultivate high standards of ethical conduct among BURS employees. This is done by establishing and implementing a robust and dynamic programme with associated systems and procedures to process, review, and investigate allegations of illegal or criminal acts such as bribery, fraud, conflicts of interest, embezzlement, violations of BURS standard of conduct and misconduct on the part of BURS employees.

BURS has ‘Zero Tolerance’ for the commission or concealment of fraudulent and illegal acts, and through this office allegations of such acts will be investigated and pursued to their logical conclusion including instituting legal action, criminal prosecution and disciplinary action where warranted.

The office has set up a “Confidential Hotline”; a vehicle to allow BURS employees and stakeholders to anonymously and confidentially report suspicions of fraud, corruption, maladministration, misappropriations and unethical business practices without fear of reproach. Stakeholders and the members of the public are also encouraged to use the contacts below to report misconduct of any nature:


Kgale Mews - Plot 116 Millennium Office Park

Tel: 3105236 / 3105237 / 3639900 / 36369901 / 3639904

Fax: 3918294

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell: 72371118

Reports can also be made through the ‘Stop Fraud’ icon in the home page.