When goods (including currency) are imported into or exported out of Botswana, they must immediately be declared to BURS (Customs & Excise Division) against an appropriate CUSTOMS FORM with supporting documents (import license, invoice, certificates of origin etc.), stating the 

involved e.g.  importation for home use, re-importation in the same state, temporary importation, outright exportation, temporary exportation, warehousing and transit.

Importers and exporters are advised to check if their goods are subject to any payment of customs duties and taxes or to any  prohibitions or restrictions prior to importation or exportation.

When declaring goods, Customs Officials are required in the interest of ensuring compliance with Customs law and other related legislation to take certain measures in connection with the clearance of the goods that include: accepting and checking the Goods declaration and supporting documents, examining the goods, assessing and collecting import duties and taxes and releasing the goods. Traders and travellers are therefore requested to cooperate with Customs Officials in their course of business to facilitate smooth and fast clearance of goods.

Travellers/tourists importing or exporting accompanied personal household goods may make their baggage declaration to BURS themselves using Customs 

Unaccompanied goods of individuals and goods belonging to commercial entities should be cleared through registered companies authorised to carry out Customs clearance.