Duty Credit Certificate

Duty Credit Certificate (DCC) facility is a product specific rebate facility. It is currently limited to textile producers’ only (e.g. clothing and clothing accessories, household textiles, yarn, fabrics and other textiles). It is also limited to such manufacturers that have been exporting their products to markets outside the SACU area for a period of at least a year. Unlike other rebates of duty, the amount of duty that a company qualifies for as credit under DCC is calculated as a percentage of the value of the exported goods as opposed to actual rate of customs duty. Currently, the value of credit certificates as a percentage of sales value of proven exports is: 30% for clothing and accessories; 10% for yarn; 20% for household textiles; and 15% for fabrics and other textiles. Once a trader has been issued with a DCC, subsequent importation of raw materials will be allowed free of customs duties against the balance on the DCC until it is exhausted.

A DCC beneficiary may sell the credit earned to third parties but may not redeem it for cash.