DTI Registration

Traders wishing to use Direct Trader Input (DTI) are required to register with BURS - Customs and Excise Division (Systems Clearance Section). DTI Registration Form 

Once a trader has been registered, he/she should ensure that BURS is informed in writing of any material changes in the user’s registration details as soon as it is reasonably possible. A DTI registrant is responsible to configure his/her modem, set-up their LAN and to ensure that computers and printers meet specifications required by BURS.
Currently, DTI registration and subsequent after-service is provided free of any charge by BURS.

Once an application for registration has been approved, BURS will install Customs declaration software known as ASYCUDA++ on one computer of the trader and educate the trader on how to operate ASYCUDA++. Any upgrades will be installed by BURS.