SADC Economic Partner Agreement

Until 31st December 2007, trade between Botswana and the European Union (EU) was governed by the Cotonou Agreement which did not require Botswana to reciprocate on trade benefits offered by the EU.  A new and as yet interim Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) was concluded at the end of 2007.  The interim EPA gives goods from Botswana duty free and quota free access into the EU market.

Botswana, on the one side, as a contracting party to the Interim EPA implements the provision of the SADC EPA after initialling it and the EU, on the other had, has adopted a Regulation giving effect to the interim EPA to ensure uninterrupted access for SADC goods, including Botswana, imported into the EU after 31st December 2007.

The Rules of Origin of the interim EPA, unlike the previous arrangement, provides for “single transformation” requirements. In terms of textile, this applies for: fabrics made up of from any yarn (local or foreign) and for clothing (Chapter 61) made from any fabric (local or foreign) and knit-to–shape: further processing from yarn.

In order for the goods to enjoy the trade concessions under the market access regulations, they must be processed or manufactured in Botswana as prescribed under the SADC-EC EPA summarised rules of origin

Prior to exportation, traders are required to register with BURS - Customs and Excise Division (Regional offices) and obtain a movement certificate EUR 1 or make invoice declaration for every consignment. Registration Requirements

For further information on SADC EPA, please visit this SADC-EPA website.