Licencing of Customs Clearance Agents

There are a number of Customs Clearing Agents who have been licensed to provide Customs services to importers and exporters in Botswana. Despite being regulated by BURS, these are independent companies rendering their services at market rates. 

Any person wishing to apply for a licence to trade as a Customs Clearing Agent should apply, TO ANY customs inland Office, by completing Form 185 which will be considered in the event all registration requirements have been met. A license, which expires on 31st December of year of application, is then issued upon lodgement of P20,000.00 security bond.

  A Customs Clearing Agent licence holder is required to ensure that:

  1. Clearing clerks in his/her employ are fully conversant with the Customs and Excise procedures and requirements.
  2. Clearing clerks in his/her employ conduct their business in accordance with any instructions issued by the Commissioner of Customs and Excise.
  3. He/she maintains a high ethical and in pursuance thereof will disclose all relevant facts which are essential to contribute to the proper administration of the Customs and Excise Act.
  4. He/she notifies the Commissioner of Customs and Excise in writing of any intention to change the name, address (postal or physical), names of employees.
  5. His/her company is represented at the highest level at all meetings called by the Commissioner of Customs and Excise.
  6. He/she keeps within Botswana such books of accounts and documents relating to business transactions in such a form and manner as required by the Commissioner of Customs & Excise and shall upon demand by him produce to him such books of accounts or documents.